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Keep your campus connected.

A comprehensive network for adaptive learning environments

Accelecom’s 100% fiber optic network can help you meet the growing bandwidth demands that digital learning will place on your network. Our next generation fiber network provides the security needed in today’s education landscape while offering both urban and rural communities the bandwidth speeds to face growing demand for online and cloud access.

Accelecom high capacity fiber network was built to offer Dedicated Ethernet and Internet speeds up to 100G region wide.

Accelecom understands the importance in today’s education environment of continuous access to the cloud for our students to compete. Our network was built from the ground up to provide the highest level of reliability using ring architecture for high availability.


Remote Student Enablement Empower remote learning with Accelecom's expertise in Remote Student Enablement. We specialize in delivering high-speed and reliable internet access, coupled with Unified Communication solutions. This comprehensive approach ensures that students, whether learning from home or other remote locations, can actively participate in online classes, access educational resources, and collaborate seamlessly with teachers and peers. Accelecom is dedicated to providing the technological infrastructure that fosters an optimal remote learning experience, contributing to the accessibility and effectiveness of education for all students.

Digital Inclusion

Digital Inclusion Digital Inclusion is at the forefront of Accelecom's mission, and our broadband solutions are designed to bridge the digital divide. Beyond providing high-speed connectivity, our services serve as a multifaceted tool to attract and educate users, raise awareness of upcoming events, function as an efficient operations management tool, and actively promote partnerships with nonprofit organizations and other entities. Accelecom is dedicated to fostering an inclusive digital environment that enriches community engagement and connectivity.

Homework Gap Accelecom is committed to advancing Digital Inclusion for Education, striving to bridge the digital divide and promote equitable access to the advantages of technology for all students. Our solutions are designed to empower students with essential digital literacy skills, open up online learning opportunities, and facilitate career development. By leveraging Accelecom's suite of connectivity solutions, educational institutions can ensure that every student has the tools and resources needed to thrive in a technology-driven world, fostering an inclusive and accessible learning environment.

Research and Development In the realm of Research and Development, Accelecom is positioned to bolster the efforts of educational institutions, including universities and research centers. We offer essential support by providing the requisite high capacity bandwidth for data-intensive applications, including cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and augmented reality. With our robust infrastructure, Accelecom facilitates seamless and efficient data processing, enabling academic institutions to push the boundaries of innovation in their research endeavors. Trust us to be your partner in advancing the technological capabilities crucial for cutting-edge research and development activities.


E-rate As a certified E-rate service provider, Accelecom has the experience and technology to meet the growing demand for eligible services under the E-rate program. Let our E-rate experts create a tailored approach for managing the connectivity and administrative challenge for your K–12 eligible schools, and public libraries.

Ethernet Wan Connecting multiple locations on a single, high availability private fiber network is critical to security sensitive data. While serving every county in the state of Kentucky and with a state wide network in Georgia, Accelecom ethernet services can connect all of your locations on a single network.  Pick your topology and Accelecom provides the private, secure transport to each of your locations.

Dedicated Internet Access Accelecom's turnkey internet solution delivers the reliability, scalability and security needed for todays ever increasing data demands. Accessibility for students, faculty and staff are instrumental in delivering the highest level of performance within your institution. A reliable network infrastructure has become critical as information has moved off the campus and into the cloud. Accessing real-time data has become a requirement while protecting your network from outside threats.  Accelecom offers symmetrical speeds up to 100Gbps and industry leading SLAs, coupled with best -in-class support, making Accelecom the perfect partner.

Wave Services Accelecom's Wavelength service can meet the most demanding bandwidth and transport challenges. Providing high-bandwidth, low-latency connectivity with speeds up to 100G.

Our Promise

No matter the size or number of locations, we can support your organization.

Telecommunications Expertise

With decades of experience, Accelecom professionals partner with organizations to provide the infrastructure needed for reliable connectivity and communication solutions. We work diligently to help advance your digital initiatives.

99.99% Uptime

Our end-to-end SLA provides 99.99% network availability to give you the ultimate peace of mind. Our extensive regional fiber network spans across multiple states in the Southeast. Our infrastructure ensures your business is always connected.

24/7 Access

Even if your business is closed, we are always open. We have an excellent team of experienced professionals, each specializing in particular types of support. In all cases, we will work with your team to understand your needs and quickly resolve any issues.

Built for the Future

Leverage the scalability and simplicity of our Internet and Ethernet services to increase productivity. Each of our services are delivered with 10G capable equipment, allowing upgrades to any of them to be seamless. When you need to increase bandwidth on our network, it’s almost instant.

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