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Success Stories


Delivering on our promise to close the digital divide

The city council of a bedroom community faced a challenge created by limited internet resources that affected economic development, education resources, and supporting residents pursuing jobs at the nearby Facebook Data Center.

The community was underserved by broadband, and limited to expensive and slow xDSL services. The city leadership felt that bringing fiber into their community would address numerous city objectives.

Accelecom deployed the capital necessary to extend our fiber backbone into the community, and distribute fiber-based services to city hall, the elementary school, and four of the city’s top employers. Additionally, by supporting a fixed-wireless provider in the community, the consumer market now benefits by this broadband deployment initiative.

Increasing bandwidth while lowering costs

A legal firm with multiple locations throughout the state needed a way to consolidate the number of service providers and gain better control of their costs.  By working with Accelecom, they were able to increase their bandwidth by 20% while lowering costs by 15%, and obtain a more personal level of service that had been missing from their previous providers.  This firm is adding incremental locations as their previous agreements with carriers expire.


Increasing service reliability while addressing scalability

A fixed-wireless service providing broadband services to consumers in highly-underserved communities shares the same passion as Accelecom.  This service provider was struggling with network growth and scalability challenges that were hampering their service reliability and expansion timetable.

By working with Accelecom to redesign their network, they were able to cost-effectively relocate their core routers. This resulted in lowering critical transport costs, improving service reliability, and addressing scalability challenges now and in the future.  Accelecom’s proposed configuration allows this service provider to do what they do best, while deferring to Accelecom what we do best: supporting our customer’s network growth needs.

Modifying network configurations to improve efficiency and security

A regional bank with seven locations and one data center invited multiple providers to bid on their network services in an effort to lower costs and improve service levels. Accelecom was one of seven different providers bidding on the opportunity. During the exploratory process prior to bidding, Accelecom was able to recommend a modified network configuration that allowed for improved efficiency, better security, and improved protection for their data center. Accelecom was selected to deploy a Layer-2 solution that addressed their needs, despite not being the lowest-cost bidder to participate.


Establishing a new industry standard for broadcasting

A major broadcasting organization was seeking a way to mitigate weather and maintenance related service interruptions between their studios, broadcast towers, and contracted distributors serving rural areas. Accelecom was able to demonstrate a terrestrial, Layer-2 configuration that would allow the broadcaster to transport licensed, high-definition content in a manner that did not violate the broadcaster’s retransmission agreements with content owners, doing so in a secure, reliable, and cost-effective manner.  This initiative has become a best practice the client leverages throughout the region.

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