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Government Solutions

Fostering strong community connections.

Support your IT initiatives and infrastructure

By delivering scalable and secure solutions, we can help bridge communities today to deliver a better tomorrow. The Accelecom network was built to serve the community driving innovation, accessibility and economic development. As state, city, and county governments move services to the cloud to support their citizens, the ability to have a fast, secure and reliable network matter more than ever. Accelecom delivers a wide range of services so Administrators and IT leaders can select a solution that is tailored to their needs, while also meeting important budget and operational requirements.

As the network service provider with access and interconnection to existing state-wide fiber optic networks, Accelecom provides city, state, and local agencies with the flexibility to chose an infrastructure that best allows you to manage your applications.

Accelecom provides a number of high capacity services using all new networking equipment to provide Internet access up to 100G as well as Ethernet services to allow for point-to-point and any-to-any high-speed data communications. With data center connections in multiple states, Accelecom has built in the network diversity needed for today’s high availability requirements.


Few organizations are viewed as critical as local and city government during times of need , and no other communications provider is as capable of meeting those needs as Accelecom. Experience a pure cloud communications solution that streamlines and simplifies your operations. Accelecom Hosted Voice services also scale and provide a complete suite of advanced Unified Communications features designed to boost productivity while reducing costs.

Ethernet Wan

Connecting multiple locations on a single, high availability private fiber network is critical to security sensitive data. While serving every county in the state of Kentucky and with a state wide network in Georgia, Accelecom ethernet services can connect all of your locations on a single network.  Pick your topology and Accelecom provides the private, secure transport to each of your locations.

Dedicated Internet Access 100M - 10G

Today, local and county governments are using more and more bandwidth intensive applications.

In this quick-moving and highly regulated landscape, secure and reliable network infrastructure has become critical to the work you do. Access to cloud applications  has become a necessity to better serve constituents and maintain the level of security needed  when dealing with sensitive information.

Symmetrical speeds up to 100G and industry standard SLAs, coupled with best-in-class support, make Accelecom fiber the perfect backbone for your organization.

Disaster Recovery

When disasters do happen or data has been compromised , often times government  organizations are missing a critical ingredient in the recipe for preparedness: business continuity. With the help of our trusted partner, Recovery Point, Accelecom connects you with the missing pieces to help keep your business running. From server replication to disaster recovery, we provide you the infrastructure to ensure your business is always ‘on.'

Our Community

Invested in local partnerships to
better serve our customers.

Recovery Point Accelecom Fiber
Rajant Accelecom Fiber
Fiber Broadband Association Accelecom Fiber
Center for Rural Development

Our Promise

No matter the size or number of locations, we can support your organization.

Telecommunications Expertise

With decades of experience, Accelecom professionals partner with organizations to provide the infrastructure needed for reliable connectivity and communication solutions. We work diligently to help advance your digital initiatives.

99.99% Uptime

Our end-to-end SLA provides 99.99% network availability to give you the ultimate peace of mind. Our extensive regional fiber network spans across multiple states in the Southeast. Our infrastructure ensures your business is always connected.

24/7 Access

Even if your business is closed, we are always open. We have an excellent team of experienced professionals, each specializing in particular types of support. In all cases, we will work with your team to understand your needs and quickly resolve any issues.

Built for the Future

Leverage the scalability and simplicity of our Internet and Ethernet services to increase productivity. Each of our services are delivered with 10G capable equipment, allowing upgrades to any of them to be seamless. When you need to increase bandwidth on our network, it’s almost instant.

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