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Healthcare Solutions

Improve patient outcomes by increasing patient access.

Strengthening modern medicine with better business fiber.

In today’s landscape, many healthcare networks have reached their limits, prohibiting new technology adoption and exposing security weaknesses. From patient interaction to the accessing of medical data, to the role of medical devices in patient monitoring, network connectivity touches nearly every aspect of healthcare.

The measurements of success for these new technologies rely heavily on a rock-solid network and communications infrastructure, one that can be scaled to meet the ever-changing demands of the industry.


Remote Medical Data Access Facilitate remote medical data access with Accelecom's highly efficient, scalable and flexible network connectivity expertise. We specialize in enabling the secure and reliable transmission of medical data from various sources, including remote patient monitoring devices, wearables, and implantable medical devices. Our solutions ensure seamless connectivity, allowing healthcare providers, payers, and researchers to access critical data securely. With Accelecom, trust in a robust and dependable infrastructure that supports the efficient exchange of medical information, ultimately contributing to improved patient care and research outcomes.

Medical Device Enablement In the realm of Medical Device Enablement, Accelecom stands out by offering the essential high availability and low latency bandwidth required for advanced medical devices. Our solutions cater to devices relying on cloud computing, artificial intelligence, or augmented reality to perform crucial functions such as diagnostics, imaging, surgery, or therapy. With Accelecom, expect a robust infrastructure that empowers medical innovation by ensuring seamless connectivity for cutting-edge technologies. Trust us to provide the necessary technological backbone for medical devices, enabling them to perform at their highest capacity while maintaining reliability and speed.

Telehealth In the realm of Telehealth, Accelecom excels in facilitating high-quality video and audio communication. Our solutions are designed to support seamless interactions between patients and healthcare providers, as well as foster collaborative communication among healthcare professionals. Whether it's telemedicine, virtual consultations, or clinical collaboration, Accelecom ensures a reliable platform for enhanced connectivity in the healthcare ecosystem. Trust us to provide the technological backbone for efficient and effective telehealth services, contributing to improved patient care and medical collaboration.

Payer-Provider-Patient Connectivity Forge a seamless connection among payers, providers, and patients with Accelecom's expertise in Payer-Provider-Patient Connectivity. We excel in enabling the exchange of crucial administrative, clinical, and financial data on our state of the art network backbone. Our connectivity solutions ensure a robust and secure platform for the efficient flow of information, ultimately enhancing collaboration and communication within the healthcare ecosystem. Trust Accelecom to be your partner in establishing a connected healthcare environment that benefits all stakeholders.


VoiceCloud Few organizations are viewed as critical as local and city government during times of need , and no other communications provider is as capable of meeting those needs as Accelecom. Experience a pure cloud communications solution that streamlines and simplifies your operations. Accelecom Hosted Voice services also scale and provide a complete suite of advanced Unified Communications features designed to boost productivity while reducing costs.

Ethernet Wan Connecting multiple locations on a single, high availability private fiber network is critical to security sensitive data. While serving every county in the state of Kentucky and with a state wide network in Georgia, Accelecom ethernet services can connect all of your locations on a single network.  Pick your topology and Accelecom provides the private, secure transport to each of your locations.

Dedicated Internet Access 100M - 10G Today, local and county governments are using more and more bandwidth intensive applications. In this quick-moving and highly regulated landscape, secure and reliable network infrastructure has become critical to the work you do. Access to cloud applications  has become a necessity to better serve constituents and maintain the level of security needed  when dealing with sensitive information. Symmetrical speeds up to 100G and industry standard SLAs, coupled with best-in-class support, make Accelecom fiber the perfect backbone for your organization.

Wave Services Accelecom's Wavelength service can meet the most demanding bandwidth and transport challenges. Providing high-bandwidth, low-latency connectivity with speeds up to 100G.

Our Promise

No matter the size or number of locations, we can support your organization.

Telecommunications Expertise

With decades of experience, Accelecom professionals partner with organizations to provide the infrastructure needed for reliable connectivity and communication solutions. We work diligently to help advance your digital initiatives.

99.99% Uptime

Our end-to-end SLA provides 99.99% network availability to give you the ultimate peace of mind. Our extensive regional fiber network spans across multiple states in the Southeast. Our infrastructure ensures your business is always connected.

24/7 Access

Even if your business is closed, we are always open. We have an excellent team of experienced professionals, each specializing in particular types of support. In all cases, we will work with your team to understand your needs and quickly resolve any issues.

Built for the Future

Leverage the scalability and simplicity of our Internet and Ethernet services to increase productivity. Each of our services are delivered with 10G capable equipment, allowing upgrades to any of them to be seamless. When you need to increase bandwidth on our network, it’s almost instant.

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