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Accelecom Fiber Finn Fest

Accelecom Proudly Supports Finn Fest: A Celebration of Courage, Creativity, and Community

LOUISVILLE, KY – August 22, 2023 - Accelecom, a leading next-generation communication solutions provider is honored to announce its support of Finn Fest, a remarkable annual event that embodies resilience, creativity, and community spirit. Finn Fest, scheduled to take place on September 29, 2023, at The Burl in Lexington, Kentucky stands as a testament to the indomitable spirit of Finn Collier, a young champion who inspired countless lives.


The story of Finn Collier is one of extraordinary courage and boundless positivity. Born with several congenital heart defects, Finn faced a challenging journey from the very beginning. At just five days old, he underwent his first open heart surgery, and over the course of seven years and seven months, he displayed remarkable strength, enduring four more surgeries along with numerous complications. Finn's zest for life shone brightly as he danced, sang, embraced his love for horse racing, and reveled in the joy of his boat on the lake. Though he bore a complex heart condition, Finn's spirit remained undaunted, touching everyone he encountered.


"Finn's story is a true testament to the power of the human spirit and the capacity to find joy and inspiration even in the face of adversity," stated Brad Kilbey, CEO of Accelecom. "Accelecom is deeply honored to be part of Finn Fest, a celebration that not only commemorates Finn's remarkable journey but also raises funds for Congenital Heart Defect (CHD) research and awareness. We believe that Finn's legacy will continue to inspire innovation and resilience in all of us."


Finn Fest was founded as a tribute to Finn's enduring love for music and life. Each year, the festival marks his birthday in September, serving as a platform to raise funds for CHD research and awareness. As an ambassador for the Central Kentucky Heart Association and a source of inspiration for Central Kentucky Make-A-Wish, Finn's impact radiated far and wide. His willingness to share his story and proudly display his "zipper" scar from surgeries touched hearts and ignited hope.

"The Collier Crew, Finn's family, is deeply moved by Accelecom's support for Finn Fest," shared John Collier, Finn’s father. "Finn's legacy continues to shine brightly, and with Accelecom's partnership, we are confident that Finn Fest will not only celebrate his life but also drive meaningful change and progress in the realm of CHD research and awareness."


Finn Fest promises to be an uplifting and inspiring event, celebrating Finn's enduring legacy and fostering a sense of unity among participants. It's a testament to the power of community, creativity, and compassion coming together for a shared cause.

For more information about Finn Fest and how you can participate, please visit Join us in honoring Finn's spirit and contributing to the advancement of CHD research and awareness.


About Accelecom

Accelecom is a fast-growing broadband provider based in Louisville, Kentucky. The company provides fiber-based services over a state-of-the-art optical network to support the ever-growing capacity demands of its customers. The company’s solutions meet the modern business requirements of enterprise customers migrating to the cloud and internet service providers (ISP) partners helping rural communities fuel economic development and bridge the digital divide. For more information, visit the Accelecom website and follow the company on FacebookLinkedInInstagram, and Twitter.



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