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Accelecom Fiber Oldham County

Accelecom Delivers Oldham County Government Enhanced Fiber Connectivity

LOUISVILLE, KY. – October 24, 2023 – Accelecom, a leading provider of next-generation fiber solutions announced today that it has been selected by Oldham County Government to assist them in improving connectivity and enhancing public services across the county, including the road department, 9-1-1 center, and public safety services.

Oldham County Government, in its quest to better serve its community, recognized the importance of reliable and high-speed connectivity to support essential public services. Accelecom's state-of-the-art fiber solutions have paved the way for unprecedented progress in delivering seamless, efficient, and effective government services to Oldham County residents.

Accelecom's CEO, Brad Kilbey, said, "We are thrilled to provide Oldham County Government with the advanced connectivity solutions they need to enhance the infrastructure and services that are critical to the residents of Oldham County."

Oldham County Judge Executive, David Voegele, shared his thoughts on the relationship, saying, "Accelecom's fiber solutions have empowered our county government to meet the increasing demands of our constituents. We are committed to delivering exceptional services to our citizens, and Accelecom's robust connectivity will be instrumental in achieving this goal."

The collaboration between Accelecom and Oldham County Government signifies a significant step towards the county's mission of providing its residents with top-quality services and a higher quality of life.

About Oldham County Government:

Oldham County is a friendly, welcoming community 20 miles northeast of Metropolitan Louisville, Kentucky, distinguished by a peaceful lifestyle and beautiful horse farms, as well as new and established neighborhoods. Our county school system is one of the best in Kentucky. Restaurants are unique, shopping plentiful and family life abundant.

About Accelecom

Accelecom is a leading provider of next-generation fiber solutions across the Commonwealth of Kentucky, delivering high-speed network, internet, and voice solutions to Wholesale, Public Sector, and business customers across the Region. With its extensive fiber network and commitment to bridging the digital divide, Accelecom enables organizations to accelerate innovation, leverage emerging technologies & enhance digital transformation. For more information, visit the Accelecom website and follow the company on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.

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